Laszeray Technology LLC Partnering to help combat COVID-19

Jul 27, 2020 | 0 comments

Laszeray Technology, LLC announced it has begun Manufacturing Ventilators for STARK Industries,  LLC., — a company awarded a global license by NASA JPL – Caltech to manufacture, assemble, distribute, sell, and service NASA JPL’s “VITAL Ventilator” design in the fight against COVID-19.

This collaboration between Laszeray and STARK Industries combines their collective capabilities and network to rapidly manufacture NASA JPL – VITAL Ventilators for distribution in the US and global market — improving COVID-19 patient outcomes and saving lives.

The VITAL ventilator provides advantages to more acutely ill patients. Functionally it meets the demands of those who require aggressive ventilatory support in a multitude of clinical states, which may include hypercapnia, low compliance, high resistance, and hypoxia.

“The VITAL Ventilator engineered by NASA JPL exemplifies a dynamic system scalable for significant production to support supply shortages with a cost-effective solution” Ty Shirley – President & COO, stated. “This ventilator system is EUA FDA Cleared with the design specific intent to be built with readily available components outside the current medical device supply chain mitigating the risk of component shortages and further relieves any additional strain to the existing supply chain of currently manufactured ventilators.”

Headquartered in North Royalton, OH, USA, MARN’s service Partner Laszeray Technology, LLC is an industry leader in the design to manufacturing process. The company is focused on the core competencies of VA / VE Assembly, Tooling, Injection Molding, and CNC Machining of critical components. Through this focus, it has proven a leader in supporting multiple diverse markets through complex manufacturing solutions.