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Genesee Global Group Inc.

A Start to Finish Manufacturing Solution

Genesee Global Group is a trusted contract manufacturer of sophisticated assemblies, components, and parts to clients worldwide. The company offers a wide range of in-house tooling and manufacturing capabilities to meet unique project requirements. This includes CNC 5-axis machining, automated fiber-optic laser cutting for sheet metal fabrication, CNC forming press brakes, robotic & manual welding, multi-level bill of materials assembly, powder & wet painting and passivation.

Genesee Global Group’s turnkey manufacturing support extends beyond manufacturing processes. Their team includes designers, engineers and specialty production personnel that work in lock-step to provide Project Analysis, Manufacture-Efficient Design, Prototyping and Tooling, Multi-Stage Fabrication, Finishing and Assembly—all with Quality Control Testing every step of the way. They are committed to ensuring your product vision is realized according to spec — and to your end-product objectives.


  • CNC Vertical Milling: 26″ x 60″ x 24″
  • Total Machined Tolerances:
    +/- .0002


    • 3, 4, 5-Axis CNC Milling/Machining
    • CNC Punch Machine
    • Press Brakes (13′ / 150 ton)
    • Fiber Optic Laser (120″ x 60″)
    • Assembly (40′ x 40′)


    • AWS Certified Welding
    • Robotic Welding
    • Certified Welding Inspection
    • Precision Grinding
    • Deburring & Bead Blasting
    • Grain & Stroke Sanding
    • Paint & Powder Coating
    • After Application Bake, Thermal
      Treatment, & Cure
    • Multi-stage Pre-paint Chemical Conversion/Priming
    • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating
    • Passivation


      • Anodizing & Hard Coat
      • Black Oxide
      • Centerless Grinding
      • Electro & Electroless Plating
      • Electropolish (to 4 Microfinish)
      • Heat Treating
      • Other Specialty Coatings &
        Surface Treatments


      • Aerospace
      • Automotive
      • Battery
      • Power Generation
      • Computer/Connector
      • Electronics
      • Defense/Firearms
      • Military
      • Marine
      • Medical
      • Rail/Transportation
      • Semiconductor
      • Superconductor
      • Telecommunications

      Genesee Global Group

      Call: 585-475-0450

      (Fax: 585-475-0469)

      Genesee Global Group Inc.
      975 John Street
      West Henrietta, NY 14586



      FAI, FEMA, Control Plans, PPAP
      Coordinate Measurement Machines
      Vision Systems
      Camera & Monitor Systems
      Digital Dry Film Thickness Meters
      ISO 9001 Certified
      RoHS & DFARS Compliant
      IT AR Registered
      UL Certified

      MARN Supply Partners

      Springs & Wireforms

      Machining, Fabrication,
      Assembly & Finishing

      Injection Molding, Investment Casting, Machining & Assembly

      Stamping, Wireforms
      & Machining

      Sheet Metal & Structural Steel Fabrication

      Precision Turned Parts

      Swiss Automatic
      Precision Turning

      3-D Printing, Prototyping
      & Plastic Injection Molding

      PCB Electronics
      Manufacturing & Assembly

      “MARN opened doors...

      to business opportunities, we would have not been aware of. Marnee knew exactly what industries to target on our behalf to secure projects that fit our capabilities ... I'm currently looking for more rep firms like MARN."

      —Ken Pietrzycki | Director of Sales | Laszeray Technology, LLC

      “In the short time…

      that Marnee has represented Marion, she has proven herself to be more than just a sales rep. She is a team builder – bringing a wealth of experience, services, and outside-the-box thinking to the table. Her energy and enthusiasm have been instrumental in re-engaging our New England customer base as well as engaging new customers in new markets.”

      —Douglas Johnson | President, Marion Manufacturing

      “Onshoring our products...

      is a big decision, but Marnee is with us every step of the way - helping us determine how we might migrate to US suppliers to improve parts quality and delivery times without disrupting our inventory demands.”

      Joshua B | Director of Product Development

      “Quality, working parts…

      are getting to the customer in a timeframe that used to be impossible – and all from the comfort of our own homes! The price point of a relatively large quantity MJF 3D printed parts has been a game-changer; we’re really enjoying the leverage that this technology is giving us!”

      Scott C | Sustaining Engineer

      “Marnee’s done the research...

      vetting every supplier she represents to ensure they produce consistent quality, can handle volume demands, and are fiscally stable.  She really understands manufacturing.”

      Doreen C  |  Supply Chain Manager