Sales Representation and Brand Support for OEM Part Manufacturers

If you manufacture high-quality parts for industry, MARN offers a lower-cost, lower-risk solution to expand your sales and strengthen your brand awareness.

Throughout our sales territory, we leverage a strategic sales approach, ongoing marketing initiatives, and an established (and ever-growing) network of buying clients to increase sales.

Representation loyalty and exclusivity

MARN is committed to representing suppliers in distinct and synergistic manufacturing or service genres. We research and qualify each partner to ensure they are respected leaders in their industries meeting our criteria for quality, service, and dependability.

If you are a company focused on customer service and high-quality parts using a manufacturing process we don’t currently represent, consider contacting us to discuss representation. MARN may be able to help you realize increased order volumes, shorter sales cycles, and steadier profit margins.


Advantages of partnering with MARN:

  • Improved brand exposure through MARN’s website and marketing efforts
  • Extended sales territory and customer base
  • Consistent and professional representation
  • Increased and well-qualified leads
  • Industry-targeted sales strategies
  • Expanded market diversification via MARN’s presence in targeted industries
  • Potential new business growth with multi-line collaborations
  • Reduced advertising and marketing expenses
  • Additional support services through MARN’s manufacturing support resources
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MARN President Marnee Palladino with Pete Sayki, Principal/Partner of SICAM, at the Concept 2 Design Show held at Foxwoods.