U.S. Reshoring: Manufacturing Solutions to Secure Reliability, Convenience, and Value

Looking to “Reshore” part or all of your outsourced manufacturing back to the U.S.? MARN can assist in securing dependable resources to help you effectively make that transition. Working with us, you’ll save the time and risk associated with maintaining part quality and inventory levels while migrating your supply program. Declining offshore quality, costly and unreliable delivery, fluctuating pricing, and the instability of offshore infrastructures have made U.S. Reshoring a preferred strategic option.


Advantages of U.S. Reshoring through MARN:

  • Reduced order-to-delivery time
  • Improved part quality through vetted U.S. suppliers
  • Stable cost forecasting
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Improved communications and service responsiveness
  • Reduced compliance risks
  • Reduced intellectual property risk
  • Improved innovation
  • Local tax incentives
  • Stronger, more respected business position
  • Support U.S. manufacturing and our economy