MARN Leadership

MARN is owned and operated by seasoned manufacturing professionals. We bring unique experience and guiding insight to benefit our partners and clients alike. When it comes to improving U.S. manufacturing sales, we “talk the talk…walk the walk,” and most importantly, sell U.S. made products through economical, sustainable sales-and-supply solutions.

a confident smile from a professionally-composed portrate of MARN president Marnee Palladino

Marnee Palladino
President and CEO

MARN was founded by Marnee Palladino, a visionary and entrepreneur with over twenty years of sales, project management, and manufacturing expertise. Marnee’s vision for simplifying the process of connecting specified manufacturing needs with the best in specialized suppliers originated while working in New York as President of ML Project Management Consulting, Inc. With the goal of applying her business-building skills within the manufacturing sector, Marnee began working at Palladin Precision Products — now one of MARN’s principal manufacturing lines.

Serving as MARN’s president, CEO, and principal owner, Marnee is devoted to immersing herself in the business of every MARN affiliate. While she plays an important management role at MARN, most of Marnee’s professional time is spent assessing requirements in order to accurately understand the service fits and needs of her partners and clients.

Marnee’s time-earned expertise and commitment to success for all affiliates is the fuel that powers MARN’s strategic business-building approach.

A graduate of Cornell University and an avid golfer, Marnee resides in central Connecticut with her husband and two daughters.


MARN President Marnee Palladino reviewing product quality at Palladin Precision Products.