Bringing “part makers, part buyers,” and “support experts” together!

At the Manufacturer’s Alliance Resource Network (MARN), our focus is orchestrating “customer-driven organizational manufacturing alignments.” In simpler terms, we connect precision-focused OEM component manufacturers with New England customers that have unique, custom component needs.

Representing only the “best of the best” in manufacturing.

Registered as woman-owned sales and service corporation, MARN enjoys exclusive, synergistic alliances with some of the finest manufacturers and specialized professional service providers in the U.S. Our principal partners have all been thoroughly vetted to ensure that product quality and customer service meets the high standards MARN consistently delivers. These Manufacturers and special Alliances collectively create a Resource Network that benefits all of our affiliates—the business-strengthening advantage that defines MARN!

MARN proudly supports the Reshoring Initiative to benefit U.S. manufacturers.

With a mission of “bringing good, well-paying manufacturing jobs back to the United States,” the Reshoring Initiative assists companies by helping them reevaluate offshoring practices. Through more accurate reassessment, manufacturers often discover that the “long-term costs and issues” associated with offshoring often make the practice of going overseas for parts really less advantageous.

Through our service advantages and ongoing support of this initiative, MARN is committed to being a true partner in strengthening the backbone of our country: the Unites States manufacturing industry.



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MARN (Manufacturers Resource Alliance Network) is a woman-owned company focused on helping manufacturing companies in the U.S. succeed through improved sales strategies, supplemental sales support, and the facilitation of value-added resource networking.

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